Design and Development of web pages in WordPress

WordPress is the CMS most used by companies to create their web pages. It has an infinite number of templates that make its design and development easier. However, the good results of this platform depend on the level of personalization given to the template.

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Advantages of using WordPress:

WordPress is a very useful tool to create your website. It’s simple, fast and very customizable. If you are thinking of creating your own website, do not hesitate to use this platform. At Nexora we help you design and develop your company’s website to get the most out of it.

Easy installation and configuration

The WordPress platform requires easy installation and configuration. For the technical team it is much better to devote little time to this aspect and contribute all its value in the design and development of the website.

Free and valuable resources

WordPress is highly customizable when designing a website. Nexora’s web designers will bring to your website the distinctive point it will need to stand out from the competition.


WordPress is the most popular CMS. It has a large community of users and collaborators who work to develop and improve the management system. Platform updates are constant.

No restrictions

For our developers, the fact that WordPress contains an open source system makes the job much easier. We can change all the features we want from the website, ensuring you get a unique character, identifiable with your own company.

SEO Optimization

This is one of the main advantages of WordPress. All search engines recognize all pages designed with this CMS, so our chances of improving positioning are higher.


WordPress has multiple usage options. Respond to any need that your company demands. It can be a website, a blog or even a virtual online store.

Compatible with mobile versions

This content management system is constantly being updated, making it increasingly compatible with new mobile versions.