Web Maintenance and Technological Support

From Nexora we offer a service of Maintenance and Support of the technological platforms. To this end, we offer our clients a work team made up of qualified professionals with different profiles, who will undertake the different tasks depending on their characteristics and complexity so that changes and updates to the infrastructure can be requested.

Desarrollo Web  〉 Mantenimiento Web

Advantages of contracting technological maintenance

Peace of mind

Your website, project, mail, … is safe. You won’t have to worry about anything. Your platform is in the hands of professionals who take care of it.

Saving money

It is not necessary to have your own equipment to maintain your technological platform. It is also not necessary to have your own servers, as we will take care of everything.

Time saving

We take care of your platform, so you can focus on your work and tasks.

Saving of problems

There are many companies that, without the minimum necessary knowledge, venture to maintain their own web server, mail, etc.. It’s not until they have a problem until they realize the risks of it. Some of the most common problems to avoid: Loss of emails, loss of the web portal, attacks, performance problems, poor platform and cost dimensioning…

Security level

Any company that processes personal, customer, supplier, employee data, etc. is obliged to comply with the LOPD. The most important thing is to check the level of security that we have given to our data is adequate. From there, it is important to prepare the technological platform to ensure that it has the required security levels. We’ll take care of it!

More visibility on the Internet

At Nexora, we will also make sure that your website has the guidelines set by Google to be optimized for SEO (organic positioning).

Our Maintenance Services


Hosting Management

Hosting registration, configuration and maintenance. We configure our own server to suit each of our customers and projects, both in performance, space and security.

Domain renewal and management

We take care of the registration, management, redirection and renewal of domains. You will be the owner but we take care of the management.

Updating of contents

It is very important that both web portals and mobile applications update their content, both to generate quality content for our users and for Google to popularize our portal and have a better SEO positioning. To do this, we take charge of updating the contents, to generate new news, to change the data that are necessary, new photographies, new offers and promotions, etc.

Backup management

In addition to having configured the necessary level of security in necessary to have daily backups and properly updated. All our servers have daily backups so that, in the event of an attack, the company's data can be recovered. Today, in the more than 8 years of history and having developed more than 300 projects, we can presume not to have allowed any computer attack to enter our systems...but even so, we never let our guard down.

Creation and maintenance of email accounts

We also take care of creating and maintaining all the email accounts you need.

Incident support

We have a complete specialized team that will respond immediately to any incidents that occur. We have different levels of service and response time commitments depending on the needs of our customers.

Internal Database Maintenance

We look after and maintain the databases so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Periodic monitoring of the correct operation of the platform

Although there are no incidents, our team is constantly working to take care of the platform to minimize problems and incidents.

Publication and maintenance of Mobile Applications (APPS) in the Markets (Android and Apple):

(Android y Apple): En caso de que el proyecto sea una APP, nosotros ofrecemos encargarnos de su publicación y mantenimiento en el Market. De esta manera, no tendrás que pasar los burocráticos procesos de alta que exige tanto Apple como Android, pagar licencias o estar pendiente de su gestión.