Nexora Commitment – Sara Pedraza

From Nexora we do not want to be oblivious to the difficult situation experienced by many people around us. We feel a responsibility to do our part to help improve this situation and are proud to do so. For this reason, we allocate a percentage of our profits to social causes and the improvement of inequalities.

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Why create this project?


We believe that Social Responsibility has to be a fundamental pillar for our company to grow while improving the world in which it operates.

We set aside the company's own long-term interests to raise awareness of the importance of improving our environment.

We want our clients to feel proud to work with Nexora and at the same time be as committed as we are in the fulfillment of the social objectives: fight poverty, mitigate inequalities, fight against diseases...

We are a company that cares about the welfare of our employees, so we want their work to impact an improvement in society. We want them to be proud of themselves. With your daily work and effort, we are creating a better place, for everyone. We're certainly making more sense of everything we do.

We prioritize human rights over our own enjoyment. So, we want to do our bit every day not only to improve ourselves, but everything around us.

We know the importance of having satisfied customers, so we offer the possibility to work with us and suggest organizations where we can allocate part of our profits, in addition to those who already collaborate.

In addition, we do all this in homage to the memory of Sara Pedraza. There's no better way to honor her than with something I'm sure she'd be proud of. It goes for you, too.

We collaborate with

Aecc brings together patients, family members, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, accompany people, and finance oncology research projects that will lead to a better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Elderly people, children in social difficulty, women victims of violence, families affected by the crisis… Through our experience and the coordination of a network that tries to cover social needs in our country, as well as emergencies and cooperation projects at international level.

The Foundation is a humanist organization based on the philosophy of action. With his way of thinking and acting, Vicente Ferrer was able to transmit his commitment to eradicate inequalities and mobilize consciences, while involving people in their own change. His understanding of development has given rise to an exemplary model of cooperation.

The SEMG-Solidaria Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that cooperates for the progress of developing countries.

The main objective of the Foundation is to collaborate with those countries that do not have a prosperous health system and where the deficiencies surpass the basic needs for human subsistence.

Diseño Web Toledo y Madrid  〉 Solidaridad