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Specialists in Mobile Application Design and Development

Mobile applications are the present and future of business. Nobody imagines the world without apps anymore. We are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your target audience always consults different applications that make their life easier. Are you going to get left behind? At Nexora we design and develop hybrid mobile applications, native and web apps, both for IOS and Android.

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Our Mobile Applications (APPS)

We develop and design mobile applications with all these features:

Custom design

We adapt the corporate image of the company and the contents that the client provides us to the app. We design the mock-ups of the application so that the client approves them before starting with the development.

Tailor-made development

We make custom developments based on customer needs. Not all customers need the same type of app, or web. We always start from the objectives and wishes of our customers.


We develop robust and scalable mobile applications. This means that we prepare them for its growth, that is to say, we leave the door open to add modules, functionalities, etc.


We always follow quality standards that we have to meet. Quality is one of our maxims. We don’t deliver a job until you’ve passed all the relevant examinations and reviews.


Our apps are developed to have a good user experience and usability. Mobile applications must be easy to use and intuitive for the user.

Advantages of developing a APP for your business



The best thing about having a mobile strategy and developing an app is that you can have direct contact in real time with your customers. It is possible to know the location of the user, their tastes and behaviors. Having this access considerably increases the chances of success of a business. For a company, getting to know its customers has always been the main objective. Thanks to mobile applications, that goal is easier to achieve.

User Experience (UX)

Mobile applications enhance the user experience. The content is optimized and the interface is adapted to mobile devices, allowing a useful and friendly navigation.

Sales channel

Having an app means having one more sales channel. From mobile applications you can buy products, book services, contact companies...

Communication Channel

A mobile application is one more communication channel for a company. Notifications can be sent from apps to users' electronic or mobile devices.


Developing an app complete the user experience. We give you access to the information you need and allow you to fulfill your wishes faster.

Awareness or brand awareness

The direct access that is created in the smartphone or tablet allows us to remember the brand of the company. Mobile applications are very present and continuous in mobile devices.

Types of APPS

At Nexora we create different types of APPS depending on the needs and resources assigned to each project. In a first phase, we will help the client to understand the differences between the different alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages:


Native mobile applications are developed and optimized specifically for a given operating system and manufacturer’s development platform. 99% of apps are made for IOS or Android.

At Nexora we design native apps 100% customized and developed with the functionality and specific characteristics of the device. In this way, the experience of use is optimal. With this type of application, the highest possible performance is achieved. They are more expensive to develop because you need to practically replicate the development on each of the platforms.


To develop a hybrid app, different technologies are used, combining web technology, Java Script and CSS. These applications adapt to the screen size of the device and run on the native browser of the operating system on which they run.

They cost less than native ones, although the performance is slightly lower. If you want to know what type of app is best for your project, call us. At Nexora we are experts in design and development of mobile applications. We advise you without obligation.


For some projects, these types of apps are very useful, as they save time and development costs. Web applications are apps that use the code from the website itself and only adapt their design to the electronic device or mobile phone. At Nexora we analyze and study all the possibilities to offer you the one that best suits your objectives, needs, budget, etc.

Do I need an APP for my business?

Due to the boom in the use of smartphones, we believe that it is of vital importance for companies to adapt to these new market needs. That is why at Nexora we carry out any type of project for app development for any operating system with very competitive costs and high quality thanks to the human team we have.

Why Nexora?

We started to carry out app development projects in Toledo and later worked with clients at an international level.

We worked both for IOs and Android devices, getting the apps we were developing to be in the top positions in the markets, like the one you have below, our first app brought out for android, confirming our suspicions that we could become a reference within the development app and giving us the strength to continue learning and working to become a leading company in the sector.

From Nexora we offer our customers a personalized service, adapting to the needs of our customers and making developments that increase the value of their business either with apps for internal management, for marketing, business app ….

Offering them not only the development or design of apps but also a business model in case they need to know how to get an economic return on their project, trying to place us not only as a benchmark in the development of multiplatform applications but also in a company that offers consulting work in the field of apps.