Customized Professional Websites

We design custom web pages

We develop websites with the best technologies. Tell us what you need and we will offer you the most suitable for your business. Your company’s website must reflect your image, your objectives and your values.

Desarrollo Web  〉 Diseño Web a Medida


At Nexora we make any type of web portal, being involved from the beginning. We design it from scratch, also participating in the ideation process. In addition, if you already have a website, we identify the improvements and redesign it.


By contracting our maintenance service, in addition to ensuring that your website is protected, our team will monitor your project, making changes to the website if necessary.

Types of Websites


Tailor-made developments

We design a custom web portal together with the client. Our relationship with them is very close. We work to understand your business and project very well and then put it on the Internet.
Custom developments often have specific and more complex functionalities. They are dynamic web pages, with interactive modules.

Training portals

We design and develop training portals for our clients. Whether they are custom-made or using platforms such as Moodle. In one way or another, we get a complete customization of the training portals.

CRMs, ERPs and internal portals

We have experience in developing internal management portals: CRMs, ERPs, metrics and statistics portals, employee management portals, vacations, ... any need that may arise.

Types of web language

We use different technologies based on the need or nature of the project.
We use professional frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony and Django to provide quality, scalability and security to all our work.



Our team specializes in PHP technology. It is the most popular open source language. It allows infinite possibilities for our professional developers.


Python is another type of HTML language widely used by developers. It allows many opportunities when it comes to making a web project. Once we know the type of project the client wants, our team decides which technology to work on.

Laravel, Symfony y Django

These are the frameworks we use. Frameworks are designed to support the development of web applications and services by providing libraries, structures, session systems, etc. This allows a professional development of websites, ensuring security, modularity and scalability in each project.