Design and development of Online Shops / Ecommerce

Do you want to take a step forward in your business and sell online? At Nexora we help you to create your customized E-Commerce, adjusting to your business and your needs. Each client is different and each project is different, so we make sure that the online portals we develop are unique to each one.

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Features of our online stores


From Nexora we always consider originality as the value of a product or service. We know that differentiation is the key to growth and we want to give it to your new e-commerce to grow together.

Accessible design

It’s possible that not all your potential online customers are familiar with this service, so we make the design as simple and accessible as possible so that your products reach all the audiences you want without any difficulty.


Each of the E-Commerce we create follows a responsive line. In this way your customers will not notice any difference if they enter your online store through a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Customer service

It is important that the client can contact you so you can solve any unforeseen situations that may arise, so we add telephone, chat, form and email to your online sales service. The customer is the highest priority for any company and we will help you get closer to them.


One of our fundamental values is the quality of our projects, thanks to the human team that we form and their professionalism. We assure you that we will not finish the job until we see it is absolutely perfect.


We guarantee you treat you in a friendly, close and above all respectful manner. For Nexora, the relationship with its clients is very important, they are our priority, that’s why we get involved in each case with great enthusiasm and effort so that everything remains as you need and expect.

Types of online stores


We develop online shops with Prestashop technology. This CMS is easy to customize and is the most reliable and stable in the market. In addition, it allows you to adapt and add plugins to an online store to make it more attractive and inviting to purchase. Also, Prestashop is configured to make a good SEO onpage positioning of an e-commerce.


WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress that allows you to make online stores. It is an intuitive and affordable tool to use, although it needs design and customization. Tell us about your ecommerce project and we will advise you on the technology best suited to you.

What should an E-commerce have?


We know that the online purchase is very different from the purchase of products in a physical store because of the distrust that it can generate in customers, so you must incorporate the largest number of photos of each product, showing each of its visible characteristics such as size or color.


Videos are a fundamental tool for online stores. Showing the product is not always enough, sometimes it is necessary to tell its story, its manufacture or the values with which it has been created. This will be a plus point for consumers to instill security in online shopping.


Any detail, no matter how small, can make the difference between one product and another. That’s why we make sure that your customers can see every characteristic of the product: where it has been manufactured, what materials it uses, ingredients, how it is used… In addition, depending on the type of product, the consumer will be able to personalize it.