Mailing Service (Sender)

Nexora Sender: The best mailing service in the market

Are you looking for a professional mass emailing tool?
Nexora Sender is a powerful and intuitive mailing service developed and maintained by Nexora, with which you will be able to carry out newsletters campaigns in a simple way and with wide possibilities. In addition, you will have the immediate and personalized support of an innovative company committed to the success of its customers.

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With Nexora Sender you can:

Create email campaigns (or newsletters) easily, without the need for technical knowledge.
Create mailing lists based on your needs and classify them to direct your newsletter campaigns.
Import and export email lists with a single click.
Have a complete administration panel that is easy to learn.
Have an advanced and attractive system of statistics to make your campaigns profitable.
Design mail templates and create new mailings as easily as you can
use Word.
Schedule your shipments to be made by the system on the day and at the time you want.
In addition, Nexora Sender uses Amazon SES, which means that your emails will reach the inbox and not SPAM.
Use Google Analytics in every link of your emails, with only specify a parameter in the administration panel.
Personalization capacity: As it is our own product, we can develop any module or integration that may be necessary.