Experts in Health

We have years of experience in digitization of the health sector

Since our beginnings we have worked to consolidate the use of technology in the health sector.

Spain is today one of the countries that stands out in number of patents and health applications but shows a significant lag in terms of training and consolidation of new technologies for the massification of solutions, both in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Nexora Solutions has collaborated on various projects with Scientific Societies and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

For years, we have been technological travel companions in the design and development of solutions for the sector, and it is our commitment to continue focusing on the sustainable development of modern health.

Digitization has a direct impact on the information we handle and opens new possibilities in the services and ways of access to patients, from real-time monitoring of health, health policies based on Big Data, applications to prescribe prescriptions or digital treatments for chronic patients. This represents a major paradigm shift: better understanding of who the end customer is and incorporating them into the decision-making process.

Experience and professional advice

What makes us different?

International Protocols

California Telehealth Resource Center International Guidelines and General Protocols.

Scientific Committee

Our medical committee is made up of outstanding doctors and surgeons from different specialties and with a particular interest in the development of Tics applications for health.


Our obsession with understanding the regulatory framework is supported by law firms specializing in the field. In this way, we guarantee adherence to the norm.

Friendly equipment and technology

Easy to use for health professionals and low cost of acquisition. Identification of technology according to health care needs.

Flexible and versatile architecture

Simple programming language. Scalable platforms. Adaptability to the starting conditions.

Information security

SSO systems, Enisa standards for security in mobile applications and data management for the EU healthcare sector.

Our clients are our best letter of introduction

Some of the projects carried out