Digital Transformation – Digital Strategic Consulting

“Because digitization is a journey, it’s not a destination”

Digitization has an impact on business and opens up new possibilities in services and opportunities. That’s why it’s so important not only to “develop” technology, but also to have a strategic consulting approach. From Nexora we help companies to digitally transform their businesses, always from the understanding of their business model, resources and strategic objectives.

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We help to identify the priorities for our clients, and for that we put at their disposal:

  • Situation analysis

  • Investment/potential benefit analysis to help prioritize digital investments

  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis(ROI)

  • Study of key audiences of our clients

  • Study of reports and metrics

  • Strategic analysis

  • Process understanding and analysis

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Corporate Culture

We help identify and manage change in the corporate culture of companies that want to innovate their processes. To do this, we design business management and transformation programs with a roadmap worked out in conjunction with your company leaders.

User Experience

We help companies to be more productive and profitable, working satisfaction in the user experience in the use of simple and friendly systems.

Market research

From Nexora we develop reports and trends of your sector on the Internet; Who is your competition? What are they doing? How much and how are they investing in the Internet? What do I have to do to stand out? In this way, any action will be much better focused and will have a greater impact.


We value and quantify the opportunity that exists on the Internet for your business. We help to define the strategy, the business model and the optimal approach for Internet empowerment.

Innovation Training/Workshops

We understand that any cultural change or change in established processes requires your learning process. Therefore, we offer training to provide support and thus shorten this learning curve of the changes implemented. We also offer workshops and innovative workshops to create and know the corporate identity of companies, identification of problems, strategy, business models...


From the point of view of the CONSUMER, we have been digitizing ourselves for years through smartphones, e-commerce or social networks, with a totally disruptive effect on business models that had remained unchanged for decades.

The difference with past technological waves lies in the fact that they introduced greater or lesser improvements in production and commercial processes along the value chain, but without the transforming capacity that the interconnection of millions of consumers, machines and products entails.

From the point of view of the COMPANY, it is the adaptation of the value chains of the different sectors of the economy to this disruptive effect that begins with the digital consumer. It is the integral connection of the different areas of the economy and the way in which the participants of each sector will adapt to the digital economy. Thus, we have seen how those sectors more linked to the final consumer have boosted their channels with e-commerce, reach more target audiences through social networks and use Big Data to revolutionize their business strategy. And this is just beginning.

Some of the main benefits of digitization:

Reduced operating costs in cases up to more than 50%.
Ability to increase turnover.
Care and well-being of employees.
Communication and knowledge of clients.
120 billion increase in Gross Value Added by 2025.
Data processing and analysis to facilitate decision making.
Automation, connectivity and growth.